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Posted by firstman2006 on July 22, 2007

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I just came across a great mesothelioma resource site,, and was intrigued by their archives. Lots of stories about current events in regards to Mesothelioma.

A couple of Mesothelioma highlights from July include:

  • San Diego Gas & Electric Company and two of its employees were convicted of violating “some safety standards during an asbestos removal project.” Read the article Here.
  • New York City – Consolidated Edison technicians tested the air and street surfaces for asbestos shortly after a steam pipe rupture near Manhattan’s Grand Central Station.

Check out the archives of MesotheliomaNews for more stories concerning Mesothelioma.

4 Responses to “Mesotheloma News”

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  2. lorra said

    Hi ,

    Thanks for such a great mesothelioma resource site .


    Lorra .

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  4. Thanks for the tutorial! It made a huge difference. I also added PostGIS. Click

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